Just A Thought

Are men sexually depraved maniacs or addictive junkies that need a fix at every turn?  While I’m not surprised with the complains being levelled against men sexually harassing women or men for that matter, the sheer number that have been aired in the past few months simply astounding.

Some of these men can probably have any woman or man they desire but why go for the cow that’s giving milk for free when you can simply take from the unwilling ones.

Must be the thrilled of the chase that gets them high.

These men probably say to themselves; ‘Who’s going to believe them if they happen to complain any way, they’ll probably get laughed at and accused of trying to ruin me for selfish gain.’

Well, newsflash boys. Someone is listening to them now.  As a matter of fact the whole world is listening and no one in their right mind is laughing at them, instead they’re hoping you all get sent to jail for the rest of your lives.

The world just might be a bit safer.

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