Trust Issues

“Whoever is careless with trust in small matters, cannot be trusted with important matters.”  Albert Einstein

It can be difficult to learn who to trust. When we have had bad experience with people who betrayed our trust in the past, it can be difficult to let anyone else in. It can take some time to learn to trust anyone again.

Trust goes both ways. If I want to gain someone’s trust, I have to show them that I trust them before he or she will open up to me.

When I am truthful, this will be evident in everything I say and do. When others realise this, they will begin to trust me. From trust, love begins to grow.

I have learned…
That trust is a powerful thing
You have no idea what it may bring
It can sting your heart
and tear apart your soul
Or it can warm your heart 
and enlighten your soul

I have learned…
That trust is hard to discover
It is buried deep down under
People say it is easy to gain trust
I agree with them in a way
For them I have lost all trust
I have decided to go my own way

I have learned…
That trust means to lust
and lust is a must
Sometimes it can be an illusion
but it is something you cannot deny
Therefore I have come to this conclusion
Trust everyone, but not the devil inside

More By Courtney

I don’t have trust issues, I just know better.

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