10 Things I Wish I had Three Of


1. Cars:  One for work, one for special occasions and the other for road trips.


2. Houses: One for everyday living, a lake house for vacations and one to rent.


3. Sets of eyes: one set for seeing forward, one set in the back of my head and the other set for night vision.


4. Bank Accounts: one for retirement, one for important events (college, vacation, weddings) and one for everyday expenses.


5. Hearts: the one I’m using now, one to replace it if it goes bad and one I can give away to someone in need.  Also means a lot of love to go around to my precious people.


6. Brains: I would not have to think so hard, I’d have three times the brain power to solve my problems.


7. Myself: One me to deal with my husband and son, one me for work and chores and last one to enjoy me time.

8. Superpowers: give me patience, endurance and the ability to remain calm. A pinch of strength to deal with all life throws at me on a daily basis. 


9. Legitimate excuses not to work on Mondays:



10. Wishes/Requests: for when that certain somebody pisses me off.

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