7 Funny Ways To Take Monday Out Of Your Week

Well its the day after Sunday that always seem to come too soon.  We all just love to hate Mondays because we’re tired from the weekend.  So here are a few tips on how to take Monday out of your week.

1. Declare a holiday: that way it goes from Sunday, to  Holiday and then Tuesday.


2. Don’t do any work, go to the beach or throw a party and have your friends bring the food. Call it Fun-day.


3. No matter what happens, never, ever call the day by its name.  Refer to it as today or the day after Sunday if asked. 


4. Always listen to the News before getting out of bed. Why you may ask?

minion with scarf

5.  Treat the days as gifts, that way you can always return the unwanted one.


6. Have a sit down meal at TGIF on Mondays, there just might be a chance someone ordered the day to go.


7.  Finally, send that dreaded ‘Dear John’ letter and end the relationship, it’s for the best.

Dear mon


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