A Thought for a second

“It is better to ask forgiveness than to ask permission.” Grace Hopper

Often times we use quotes that we think represents what it is we want to convey but there are times when these very quotes are used out of context. 

Take for instance when a brother or sister takes something or lets a piece of information about you slip and then simply apologies for not asking your permission first but you can clearly see that they are not truly repentant and would do it again in a heart beat.   Honestly all this shows is how presumptuous persons can be because they don’t fear retribution for their actions due to a relationship with the offended.

However, what becomes of it when a boss blatantly lies to an employee about their position in the firm, claiming there is absolutely nothing to worry about but secretly promising that very position to another.  Does this fall within the true meaning of this quote?  Ask yourself the question and give me a response.

For me thou, my take on this quote is simply this:

Never wait for someone to tell you to do what you know is right, fair or necessary in any given situation, just do it and let your actions speak for itself.  Do not wait for orders that may never come to be given, analyse to determine how best to get it done, ask for and take suggestion to aid your judgment but for goodness stake don’t let someone drown if you can prevent it.

Comment and let me know if you agree.



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