A Thought for Humanity

Too many times we watch or read about a tragedy befalling someone and before a thought of sympathy is expressed, there is the thought of I am glad it wasn’t me.

Then the unthinkable happens and the shoe is on the other foot.  Not so good is it.

we now begin to wonder, does anyone care, after all I didn’t when it happened to someone else.

Life teaches us many lessons on a daily basis, it is just for us to decide what that lesson is.

So the next time your neighbour has a mishap just remember.

One does not have to  be an expert in human behaviour to know that a sympathising word, hug or gesture could be just the life line someone’s hour of need.  One simply needs to remember that we all are humans, frail in face of adversity when standing alone but strong enough to move mountains with the support of others.  

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