Unforeseen Danger!


barricade tape header 3

As we strolled the streets one afternoon, we paid no attention to our surrounding, rather we were to caught up in the jokes being told of the day’s events.  However, as we turned a corner on route to the subway station we were immediate brought out of our musings as a member of the group almost fell into an uncovered manhole.

Having not seen the sign earlier and the fact we were bundled together under shared umbrellas due to the rain impaired our sights.  We were therefore, unaware of the danger! signs posted and therefore unprepared to make the necessary adjustment to path.

It was only due to our quick reflexes that prevented anyone from actually falling into the whole.  Breathing a sigh of relieve we then burst into laughter at what had just transpired.  I mean think of it, what is the possibility of falling into a manhole in anyone’s lifetime, probably a thousand to one?

Oh well, I suppose it was bound to happen as sometime to some unsuspecting person and it did.

via Photo Challenge: Danger!

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