“Who am I and why I’m here!”

My name is Cassandra Browne and I’m from the twin island state of Antigua and Barbuda.  I’ve worked as an AML Compliance Officer for the past ten years and I like reading, tweeting, meeting new people, craft, graphic designs, anime and lots more.  I’m trying to expand my options for the next career path I want to take.

Just A Thought Not 2! is a blog I a few days ago with the aim of sharing my thoughts. These mainly focus on topics in my field as well as things that I wish persons would think about before they do them.  I also want to add tutorials to assist persons in understanding what I’m taking about, especially on topics such as ‘willful blindness’ and the likes.  So far I have graphics, phrases and quotes on the topics ‘abuse and ‘human trafficking’.

I’m currently trying to source information for my tutorials and graphics.  I hate the fluff you get from a lot of how to articles so its taking awhile to sort things.

I’m also hoping to gain a following of like minded persons to engage in meaningful discussions with.

So in a nutshell I’m just the girl next door who likes to write in her diary.


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